The Argument Against The Mass Amnesty Of The Millions Of Illegal Immigrants

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Within the confines of this essay lies the argument against the mass amnesty of the millions of illegal immigrants. This conclusion came to fruition through the use of the many sources at the disposal of anybody who can use a database. The topics that will be touched upon will include the evidence regarding the diversion of tax money and the amount of tax revenue that would be returned to the United States by the newly welcomed migrants, the costs of educating their children, the influx of crime caused by these individuals, a review of constitutional law and the ways in which it is involved, and a surprising, yet humanitarian angle to the side against amnesty regarding the methods of detainment used by the current centers that are in place and the inhumane treatment contained within those walls. A fair but firm criticism of the opposition will be taken as the major points behind their argument are systematically taken apart and discussed in length, yet, near the end, those points will be shown in a light that will not validate, but show these points to noble in their aim and explain why these points, while noble, are incapable of producing the results that the opposition would like to obtain. Keywords: Immigration, Reform, Illegal Immigrants.

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