The Argument Against Transhumanism : Religion

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The Arguments Against Transhumanism The biggest opponent to transhumanism is religion due to their fundamental views on life. Religion has played a large part in our culture, especially the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam that believe in a single, all powerful God. Because of the popularity and deep rooted history of these religions, their central beliefs on what it means to be human have become ingrained in our subconscious. Abrahamic religions view death as a natural part of life and as a step towards salvation (if you obeyed the rules of your religion). Pious people hold the view that “… it is the body that will be redeemed and glorified. This is in striking contrast to those transhumanists who see the body not just as a transient phase of human development but as an impediment to future human fulfillment.” (Green) This highlights the fundamental belief of the majority of people on the planet: death is an expression of God’s plan for them that they must follow. Heaven, God’s kingdom where people go after they die if they are deemed worthy, is actively sought out by numerous people as they believe that this is what God has asked of them. Death plays a vital role as it shapes the way these people go about life. Even without the religious context, the inevitability of death is something that no one can deny. Every single human that has been born has died or will die at some point. We have formed rituals and practices around death, like the burying or

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