The Argument For And Against The Labour Movement

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Assignment 3

Angela Holdbrook
Athabasca University

Question 1: What are the arguments for and against reframing labour rights as human rights? Demonstrate your familiarity with the discussion set out in the course materials.
The publication of the ‘’Unfair Advantage’’ by the Worker’s Freedom of Association [this is not in your list of references. Where is it found?] in the United States saw a major turn on Human Rights watch in the Labour ministry all over the world. Countries such as Canada and Australia came into the lime light in the fight for labour struggles as human rights. [explain] This move [what move?] was aimed at revitalization of the labour movement. It is a move that saw the International Human Rights Day declared a holiday [where?] as it is does Labour Day. The advocates on the human rights approach work hand in hand with the human rights allies of the inexorable internationalization of the labour struggles.[source?] They allowed the naming and shaming of the labour laws abusers and infringement. These acts were more responsive to the current political and economic zeitgeist than the traditional labour influences. On the other hand, reframing of human rights was seen to result to authoritativeness to the labour discourse that would undermine trade unionists. [explain] While the voices of those advocating for the framing of human rights was loud enough, others saw this move as misplaced. It was a fact that the
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