The Argument For Animal Rights

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For years, philosophers, humanitarians, and support groups, take in mind the popular organization PETA, have been advocating for animal rights. Animal rights are the benefits humans provide to animals. These benefits are protection against abuse and give animals humane treatment. Peter Singer is one of the many to introduce animal welfare, starting with his book titled Animal Liberation. Some support the idea of not using animals as a food source, clothing and other animal related products, while vegans go as far as to boycott and protest companies that use the animals suffering for profit by creating animal-by products. Why should we extend equal consideration of interests to animals? How different should those rights be from human rights?…show more content…
The idea of extending equal consideration to animals comes from the fact that non-human animals are sentient, scientifically proven by…show more content…
For example, humans kill animals that trespass private property, make too much noise or simply for enjoyment. Same consequences follow animals whose meat is known to be enjoyable, have attractive furs or patterns, or are used in experiments for research purposes. Therefore, what makes it right to kill an animal for these various purposes, but makes it wrong when it involves a human? This question can be answered in many ways, depending on what belief system, including religion and education, one believes in. It follows that the most common reason for denying animal rights is that humans are more intelligent than animals, therefore animals do not reason or think like we humans do. It is obvious that there are differences between animals and humans, like the structure of our brains and bodies, but that does not necessarily mean that these differences are not morally relevant. For example, a mentally challenged person does not have the same abilities of an intelligent person, however, that does not make the well-being of this mentally challenged person
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