The Argument For Equal Representation Of Women In Politics

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Politics is a world stage for decision making. With the lack of women presence and voice, men are less likely to take into consideration rape, domestic violence, women’s health care, and child care. According to Rosa Linda T. Miranda, the decisions that are made. It is a fact that women make up half of the world population. One of the simplest arguments for women representation in politics is this cold hard fact. Why isn’t there equal amount of men and women in these role, if they bot make up 50% of the population? Each argument for equal representation of women in politics fall in to one for three categories. The three types are formal, descriptive, and substantive representation (Paxton and Hughes, 2014).
According to our Paxton and Hughes, this is the earliest and simplest formulation of equal representation, in simple, women have the legal right (the same as men) to participate in politics. Formal representation is important because it requires that any and all legal hurdles for women be removed, so that they have the same opportunity as men (Paxton and Hughes, 2016). Formal representation gives women the right to vote, the right to run for office, and the right to hold office.
Descriptive representation This type states that is women make up 50% of the population, then they should also make up 50% of the legislative and executive bodies. If many of the positions have to be held by women, this limits who can be voted in. While the idea of this type of representation
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