The Argument Of Favor Of The American Constitution

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Name: SongXiany Yuan Instructor: Bill Davies Western legal tradition 2015/4/14 Response Paper Three The arguments in favor of the American Constitution in the Ancient world are still relevant today because the enlightenment period-informed the contemporary world in all disciplines of life as we will examine the basis of the American constitution.
What is an enlightened individual?
 An enlightened individual is the one who has undergone the actual process and experience which changes his/her perspective and perception of individuals, which has been praised in the ancient history in the world regarding to religion and cultures. Major religion was informed by people who had experienced enlightenment. Jesus and Buddha are considered to be enlightened. According to Schmidt, (1996) Kant defines enlightenment as, “man’s emergence from his self-incurred immaturity” (page 291), a process of one to think for himself without relying on others for guidance and decide what to believe and how to act using his intellectual capabilities.
 Enlightenment period is the period in history about western thoughts on culture during 17th and 18th century. The period was characterized by the revolution in society and politics, philosophy, and science which lead abandonment of the medieval view of the world to the modern western world. Indeed, Zafirovski argues that, “... enlightenment represents an axiomatic cultural and intellectual of soft, and the
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