The Argument Of God 's Existence

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Does God exist? This question has been in debate for centuries with many opposing views, some arising from philosophers on the same side while others refute Gods existence altogether. However for this particular paper I will be taking the best explanations approach. What I mean by this is I do not have proof of God’s existence but the existence of God is the best explanation for the universe around me. With this statement in mind we will discuss arguments in support of God’s existence as well as philosopher H.J McCloskey’s article On Being an Atheist. Within McCloskey’s article he refers to three well known theist arguments as proofs the cosmological, teleological and argument from design. The Cosmological argument is a deductive argument that assumes every fact must have an explanation and comes to the conclusion “the uncaused cause must be God” (Slick, 2013). On the other hand the teleological as well as the argument from design are not attempting to prove Gods existence but offer an explanation derived from common sense and probability. These arguments are not meant to be taken as proof of Gods existence but offered as an explanation or idea instead. Just as McCloskey is not able to prove 100% that God does not exist the theist is not able to prove 100% that he does. At the same time the intricate construction of the human body, mind, and universe as we perceive it is best explained by the arguments as a whole and lead to the existence of an…
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