The Argument Of The Euthanasia

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I have been taught morals and ways of believing and I never really question my beliefs, Although, after taking this course I have opened my eyes that everyone doesn 't think alike and even though we may all look the same we are different. The way we process information and the way we think and believe depends on so many different factors in our lives. I have learned in this class it is good to always keep an open mind and have respect for others opinions. I have learned that about the different point of views with euthanasia, there are many people against it and many people for it. For me being in nursing school I was totally against it because we are supposed to be able to help people but reading the articles I have come to a different perspective and that is there are people who are determined to be terminal and are barely surviving on the hospice care that they are receiving and are still in a tremendous amount of pain. In conclusion to the euthanasia, I do feel that if it is decided upon there should be some rules that pertain to the situation. If a person has family the family should be able to be a part of the decision and be there for the person to say goodbye and know that their loved one is no longer going to be suffering. On the other hand just allowing people like physicians to determine who should be able to participate in euthanasia is actually giving them the hand to say well they are suffering so I will go ahead and perform the euthanasia, so what if
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