The Argument On Christianity And World Religions

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I learned a lot from the document on Christianity and World Religions. To start off I learned that question of relations is becoming more prevalent in todays sociality. There are various contributing factors to this issue. Interdependence among different parts of the word is rising. Communication and interdependence have brought greater consciousness of the diversity of religions, with dangers and at the same time the opportunities this implies. The importance of religious dimension in human life and the rise in encounters among people and cultures make interreligious dialogue necessary. It is said in the document “ For this dialogue to be fruitful, Christianity, and specifically the Catholic Church, must try to clarify how religions are to be evaluated theologically. On this evaluation will depend to a great extent the relation between Christians and the different religions and their followers, and the subsequent dialogue, which will be established with them in different forms. The principal object of the following reflections is to work out some theological principles which may help in this evaluation.” Therefore, we know that many questions are still unanswered and require be further investigating and discussing.…show more content…
A lot of attempts have been made to classify the theological positions adopted toward this problem. We distinguish a theocentrism, this is where Christ is considered normative for salvation, and another theocentrism is where not event his normative value is recognized in Christ. In the 2nd case, Jesus is not considered either as constitutive of nor as normative for human
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