The Argument That Rossetti 's Confidence

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The argument that Rossetti’s confidence ‘coincides’ with the characters, or is almost portrayed through them, is almost counteracted by the idea that the voice is impersonal. It could be argued that with the use of a third person narrative, Rossetti was attempting to portray the impression that despite women’s attempts to act upon certain elements of their curiosity, there is always something, or someone dampening their excitement or thoughts. The third person narrative therefore could in fact represent society, and that there is some form of oppression constantly lingering over their lives. Contextually, within the Victorian period this would have been a common feeling within most women, and could also still be relevant in past and present societies. Even without proof, the slightest here-say could shame a woman within Victorian culture, and therefore women were wary of their actions. If the poem was from a different perspective, it would become more personal to the reader, and may also portray the females as more of an independent and strong character. Their curiosity could have been deduced as some form of bravery. However due to the particular perspective of this Rossetti poem, the females are conveyed as lingering characters, unsure on whether to act on their curiosity and overcome the demons of society. Through this perspective we are able to gain insight into the direct thoughts of the characters, and understand how they would be perceived within society.

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