The Argument That The Internet Is Making Us Stupid

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1. According to Carr, our current information technologies affect our general thinking processes by making it harder to focus on tasks. Carr found that people who are constantly using technology have a harder time retaining information. For example, in an experiment at a university, half of the students in a lecture where instructed to use their laptops and the other half were instructed not to. The group that used their laptops during the lecture scored lower on a test than the group that did not use their laptop during the lecture. Trying to multitask between using technology and trying to pay attention to a lecture show how technology negatively affects the way we think. 2. The “division of attention” encouraged by the internet limits our concentration because the internet is filled with distractions. The internet does not allow us to focus on one thing because while we can be doing our homework on the internet we can, at the same time, use multiple social media outlets which render our attention span. Limits on our concentration effect “our thoughts, our memories, and even our personalities.” Research has found that our brains struggle with multitasking which leads to us having difficulties understanding complex information because our brains are simply too busy thinking about other things. 3. To support his argument that the internet is making us stupid, Carr includes studies done on groups of people who use technology. One of the studies that Carr talks about is how a

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