The Argument of Sociology is Based on Relationships Essay

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Creating a good argument, this is an argument which will persuade the opposing side into accepting that the claim which was made, as well as the grounds of the claim, is different for each social science. It is usual for individuals to pull from their personal experiences, their views, morals, and interpretation of things when formulating an argument. The same goes for the various social sciences. Each social science approaches an argument in a different manner, and gives different aspects of an argument a higher regard. Sociology, Pyschology, Anthropology, and Political Science formulate their arguments keeping the importance of their discipline in mind. When discussing an argument derived from a Sociologist point of view, we must …show more content…
“does birth order affect social attitudes?” (Krippner, 2009). The next step in a Sociological argument is to establish a mechanism. This is incorporating the “how” and “why” aspects into the variable. (Krippner, 2009) In the Toulmin’s argument model, this step would be considered the grounds of the argument. When creating an argument from a sociological perspective we must also remember that a number of the key factors which legitimize a sociologist’s claim come from the collection and reflection of qualitative and quantitative data. This data acts as the warrant of the argument. The backing of the argument is mostly derived from the data used in the warrant as well as the sociologist point of view on the claim which they have made. The qualifier of the argument, which is the step which pulls the entire argument together, comes from aspects of information pulled from the previous steps of the argument, the claim, grounds, warrant, and backing. Finally, the rebuttal of the sociologist argument is like that of every argument. It is a counter argument of the opposing side’s claim made in response to the sociologist’s initial claim.
The social science of Psychology is also one which focuses on the study of human behaviour, but unlike sociology it studies human behaviour on an individual scale. Psychology is, by definition, “The science that deals with mental processes and behaviour; the
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