The Arguments In The Downside Of Grit, By Alfie Kohn

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The idea of grit is to be used to help students improve on goals they’ve made, but in the The Downside of Grit by Alfie Kohn he would argue that somethings are better left alone instead of trying to pursue them and achieving them with little success. Kohn claims that grit can be counterproductive because anyone could be continuing something that doesn’t make them content with the outcome. He also discusses about how people with grit could experience issues with psychological health when you try over and over again and end up with continuous failure. It would be better to find an alternative pathway that would cause less stress, and end with success. Another argument that Kohn has is against the reliability of the research done on grit doesn’t rely on evidence. It…show more content…
He also approaches the idea of creating a learning environment that help students explore ideas. This would help students participate more in their education. Overall grit is used for students to ‘develop long term goals” (Para 25). Seemingly students should explore their interest instead of following through with a goal they might not enjoy. Kohn makes it clear that you shouldn’t go through with a goal if it doesn’t give you satisfaction. Kohn also states that the motives of your goal should come first before you take action. Kohn states that grit is applied more to students than adults for completing academic goals, but fails to mention how grit can be applied outside of school. Alfie Kohn explains that there is no point in continuing with a problem that has no solution, just like how you shouldn’t continue with a goal that doesn’t give you contentment. I agree with Kohn that there's no point in continuing with a task that doesn’t feel worth it to complete, a point that needs emphasizing
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