The Arguments in the Capulets House of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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The Arguments in the Capulets House of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet could be interpreted in several ways by a director, simple because of the way Shakespeare has written the play. He has included very few stage directions for the actors to follow. This makes putting the play to life much more difficult as it could be openly criticized by fans of Shakespeare who disagree with the directors interpretation. However, the distinct lack of stage directions give the director much more freedom as there is no set right or wrong way for the play to be produced. The mood I would aim for in the production of this scene would mainly be one of anger and despair.…show more content…
At this point she should be slowly walking away from Juliet, which, would represent how she is distancing herself from her daughter and is repulsed by her reaction, despite it appearing to us that Lady Capulet herself is not entirely thrilled by the news. In Juliet's speech we see her anger coming through straight away as she immediately curses an "oath against god". I would have her jump up after the curse and have most of the camera shots focused on her. Beginning with a long shot, gradually zooming in as her anger increases. However, a couple of shots would needs to show Lady Capulet's shock. To the audience this is an important demonstration of the relationship between her and Juliet, such as earlier on in the scene when we see how uncomfortable Lady Capulet is in her daughters' room - they do not share a typical mother and daughter relationship. Lord Capulet would enter in a very cheerful mood with a big smile on his face expecting Juliet to be much happier because of the new of the marriage. We can tell she is surprised partly because of the many tear images he mentions in his speech such as "showering", "flow" and "tears". As he is told she doesn't want to marry he erupts with anger. Capulet doesn't understand why Juliet doesn't want to marry County Paris. People in a modern audience
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