The Arizona Department Of Corrections Rating System

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For this assignment I will referencing the Arizona Department of Corrections rating system, and touching on the current evaluation process and discussing options to improve on the process. I work in the department of corrections and the evaluation system currently implemented is the managing, accountability, and performance (MAP). This system is far from perfect, and very susceptible to subjective evaluations. Most employees do not agree with the evaluations they receive and for the most part this is due to the supervisors not putting in the required effort to properly evaluate each employee. It is not uncommon for a supervisor to rate all of their subordinates exactly the same, regardless if one employee excels and the other shows little to no interest. Supervisors often justify their vanilla evaluations by stating that the evaluations do not have any effect on your employment, since pay raises are not based from the appraisal. As you can imagine this method does little to raise the moral of the motivated hard working staff, and in my opinion needs to be revamped. I would prefer an evaluation based more on objective performance and behavioral observations. An objective performance rating is based on the measuring of actual results from employees. Although the Department of Corrections does not produce a product, or make sales that can be tracked, they are responsible for maintaining a safe and secure environment to protect the public, fellow staff, and the inmates. These

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