The Arkansas Health Care Payment Improvement Initiative

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The Arkansas Health Care Payment Improvement Initiative (“AHCPII”) is one part of the health care innovations the state has implemented with the aim of “increas[ing] health care quality and reducing the costs of care.” The AHCPII’s intent is to shift Arkansas’s payment system from “one that primarily rewards service volume to one that rewards desired outcomes, particularly with respect to quality and affordability.” Applying to Medicaid, Medicare, and private payers, payment innovation will move away from fee-for-service health care (where quantity all too often trumps quality) to pay for quality. In doing so, the hope is that Arkansas will gain a “new, sustainable model of financing” with the help of a multi-payer leadership and support. Specifically, the AHCPII is meant to improve Arkansas’s health system through three approaches: patient centered medical homes, health homes, and episodes of care. The patient centered medical homes (“PCMH”) approach “focuses on keeping people well, managing chronic conditions like diabetes or asthma, and proactively meeting the needs of patients.” According to the Arkansas Department of Health, chronic diseases like cancer heart disease or diabetes affect approximately over fifty percent of adult Arkansans. Yet chronic diseases are often preventable. The high rate of chronic diseases can partly be attributed health insurance coverage—“when people don’t have health insurance they tend to avoid seeing doctors. People…
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