The Armchair Economist : Economics And Everyday Life

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The Armchair Economist: Economics and Everyday Life
Steven E. Landsburg

Insightful yet humorous, that is how I perceived as I dig in much further into the book entitled “The Armchair economist: Economics and Everyday life” written by Steven E. Landsburg. The author is currently an economics professor at the University of Rochester. Aside from being an economics professor, he has also been writing a monthly column in Slate magazine entitled “Everyday Economics” for over ten years now. He is the author of Fair Play, The Big Questions and his most recent book More sex is safer sex. He also has written over 30 journal articles regarding economics, mathematics, and philosophy.
The Armchair Economist have opened up tons of ideas which I would never thought can make such impact to my daily life. In this book, he raised questions that seemed to have very simple and obvious answers such as: “Why does popcorn cost so much at the cinema?” and “Why are bank buildings fancier than supermarkets?” but he approached it differently and sighted points that made sense than the obvious answers. He also talked about the cost-benefit method. In addition, he wrote the book in such a way that he sided or was in favor more on the rich people rather than the poor. He did not directly mention it but basing it on some points that he wrote, like how he discussed “The Indifference Principle” he seemed to be more well-disposed on the rich. The author has also put together ideas and facts according to
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