The Armed Forces

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I am against the inclusion of women in the armed forces based on the utilitarian concepts of the happiness of society as a whole, and the effectiveness of the armed services. I also draw conclusions from the Aristotelian principles of justice and women’s ability to be worthy of being soldiers Since the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in 2011, there has been a quiet uproar over the idea of female combat forces in our military. There are strong arguments from either side of the aisle; The maintaining of historical values in the military, or the modernization of our armed forces. Most are political or social arguments, pathos rhetoric in a logos dispute. Taking a philosophical perspective on the case of women in the military would entail looking at the problem from two sides: the effect it would have on society and the effect it has on the Armed Forces. To argue it from either side will require the ascertaining of concepts based on great thinkers such Bentham, Nozick, and Aristotle. The defense of women in the military comes from the libertarian perspective that people have a natural right to take part in any activity that they want to and have the ability to. Arguments for being able to enlist in the active combat services of the military could be drawn parallel to the arguments against the draft and forced enlistment. The draft forced members of the American public to participate in a war they often did not believe in. This was a breach of the American people’s rights to
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