The Armenian Genocide And The Decline Of The Ottoman Empire

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I. The primary underlying cause of the Armenian genocide derived from the decline of the Ottoman Empire towards the end of the 19th century, and was based on land dispute, religion, and ultra-nationalism. “One of the main factors that led to the Armenian genocide is to be found in the mental conditions and characteristics of Turkish National identity” (Akçam, 2004, 59). The Armenians have claimed their home in the southern Caucasus since 7th Century BCE. Throughout many centuries, the Mongol, Persian, Russian, and Ottoman empires have fought over this region. Due to the Armenians lack of unity and strength, they could not claim their lands any longer. They were weak in relation to their conflicting neighbors, and were often deported from the very lands they first lived in. Constant deportations over history eventually led them to many different parts of the world, forming what is the Armenian diaspora. Ever since the 4th Century CE, the Armenian state claimed Christianity as their official religion. Even after Islam was founded in the 7th century CE and became the state religion in all of the countries surrounding Armenia, the Armenians still held onto the Christian faith. Since Christianity was a religious minority at the time, Armenians were viewed as “infidels”, and were disposed to unjust treatment as a result. They experienced hardship, religious persecution, discrimination, and abuse. Armenians began to pay higher taxes and had very few political and legal
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