The Armenian Genocide

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The Armenian Genocide The Armenian Genocide is the name given to the events of 1915-1923 in the Ottoman Empire, which was renamed Turkey after its founding father, Mustafa Ataturk. The Muslim majority destroyed the Armenians' homes, churches, and livelihoods in a continuous murderous event that took its course over 8 years. An estimated 1 million to 1.5 million Armenians died in this Genocide, and other ethnicities died as well including Greeks and Azerbaijanis who happened to be living in Armenian neighborhoods. (University of Michigan) The victims were sometimes forced to walk on endless marches that were intended to move the entire population out of the country and east to the mountains. Any Armenians who died on the march were left on the road to rot. The Armenian Genocide was first recognized by the Russian Empire in 1915, who saw what was happening before Europe did. The leaders of the Ottoman Empire, including Ataturk, were creating a modern Turkey for Turks, at the expense of all the minorities of the Ottoman Empire, and without mercy for any who would resist. The Ottoman leaders felt as if their homeland was under threat from the Armenian diaspora. The call for their deportation came as nationalism had risen in the Empire, and leadership changed hands several times. The Ottoman military began rounding up Armenians in 1915 with the intent of deportation, but within weeks over 5,000 had been burned to death, and the massacres had officially begun. (Ani) The

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