The Armored Brigade Combat Team

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The 56th Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) is considered among the best maneuver brigades in the Forces Command three years ago. I know this because I was a member of the 56th ABCT then. During this period, our leaders want to lead and our soldiers were highly motivated. In addition, the morale across the brigade was high with strong supportive family atmosphere. Today, this is no longer true. My review of multiple assessments, surveys, and reports regarding our brigade couple with my interaction of leaders across the brigade confirmed that our brigade has changed in the wrong direction. The environment for our brigade is toxic. My vision is to return the 56th ABCT to its glory days when it was considered among the finest maneuver…show more content…
For instance, in our S4 section, the soldiers seem unmotivated and have a general lack of discipline, and yet neither my S4 officer nor anybody in our brigade stepped up to fix the problem. In addition, there is general lack of balance of mission and welfare of our sub-ordinate. I have witnessed several times how legitimate complaints by our staffs regarding numerous extra duties and work details that forcing them to stay longer at work were complete dismissed with degrading statements: “we have had red cycles throughout my 26 years in the Army. They will always be here, so live with it. Quit complaining! You guys have been nothing but whiners since you returned from Afghanistan!” I have also heard this response, “Commander, you have to figure it out! Nothing is coming off the plate. Do not expect me or my Sergeant Major to plead your case with the division. This is life! Meet the mission!” These types of statements are unacceptable to me because such comments often lead to low unit morale and send message that we do not care about each other, and about others. This explains why there are so many negative complaints about how we treated our Afghan partner during our recent deployment. We must respect and care for each other, our soldier, our families and our multinational partners. I also see a problem when it comes to trust and teamwork. Our division S4 section has an adversarial relationship with
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