The Army Body Composition Program

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The Army Body Composition Program (ABCP) relies on a basic form of body circumference measurements to determine a soldier’s body fat composition. Many people believe this standard of measuring is an unfair and inaccurate representation of their true body composition. There are several options that could provide a more accurate measurement such as hydrostatic testing, skin fold method, Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) only to name a few. There are many factors that influence the decisions of leaders such as availability, cost, reliability and accuracy of the method in which method they decide to use. The Army’s circumference measuring is the only way authorized to determine a soldier’s body composition. For males it is used by measuring the circumference of the neck and waist and for females it is the waist, neck and hips. Based on soldiers’ height and age their body composition is calculated and compared to a predetermined chart. Many service members including leaders disagree with this method of determining body composition stating it is outdated and inaccurate; however, there are many benefits to using this method as well. This method is beneficial being in the military because it is cost effective, easy to administer, and the least time consuming of most of the other options out there. This way of measuring can be considered inaccurate. It does not directly reflect the body composition of the person being measured especially for individuals who participate in
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