The Army Campaign Plan

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the most important and why? Give an example of something that the Army could do to enhance capabilities in that domain. The most important imperative of four in the Army Campaign Plan is “develop leaders to meet the challenges of the 21st century” because in the future leaders will deal a “tough realistic environment” and must be willing to adapt to the mission, threat or operational environment. We must “train soldiers and leaders to ensure they are prepared to accomplish the mission across the range of military operations while operating in complex environments against determined, adaptive enemy organizations . This is the eighth of twenty Army Warfighting Challenges enduring first order problems, the solutions to which will improve current and future force combat effectiveness. These challenges are reviewed and updated as needed to remain applicable for the future force. Although the exact challenges in the future are unknown, based on increase in cyber security intrusions, the spread of disease and terrorism on the home front, it can only be assumed that these type of actions will increase. In this case future leaders must be trained to deal with these occurrences. To do so changes must occur not only in training but also in policy. It does the US Army a disservice if policies are not implemented to address the above challenges. In the JCIDS process, the role of concepts in developing capabilities include turning visions into a more detailed description of the
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