The Army Design Methodology ( Adm )

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At the close of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the US military ended with varied to questionable results. This is because US policymakers and military leaders did not adjust to the emergence of new conditions due to their dependence on medium structure problem framing. The Army Design Methodology (ADM) is a tool military organizations should use in adaptive environments to develop solutions for complex problems. To understand why the ADM is a critical tool for military organizations, military professionals need to understand the impacts of ill-structured problems on planning and execution and the potential influence the ADM will have on their organization. Once military professionals understand the influence the ADM has on ill-structured problems, they can begin to consider how to integrate the ADM into planning. Despite the enduring nature of ill-structured problems throughout history, the US military consistently focuses on well and medium-structured problems. The US military 's focus on well and medium-structured problems is a point of friction because there are several differences between well/medium-structured problems and ill-structured problems. The most important difference is that ill-structured problems lack proportionality for inputs, replication over time, additively of its parts, and demonstrability of cause and effect. Because there are a vast number of interactive and interdependent elements, ill-structured problems garner a great deal of uncertainty. As a result,
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