The Army Human Resource System (AHRS)

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The Army Human Resource System (AHRS) known as the Electronic Military Personnel Office or (eMILPO) is a web based multi-tiered application. It provides the Army Human Resource Community with a reliable mechanism for performing personnel actions and strength accountability. The System consolidates 43 Personnel Information Systems in one. This system provides visibility of the location, status, and skills of Soldiers in the United States Army. The primary users of this system are Human Resource Soldiers, Commanders, and First Sergeants. The primary features and functions of eMILPO include Personnel Services, Personnel Accounting, Reassignments, Promotions, Readiness, Workflows, System Services, PERSTEMPO, and DTAS. The minimum system…show more content…
Some of these input types are pretty common and need no description however one field that is not so common is the list to list transfer. The list to list transfer allows the user to move one or more objects from one collection to another. This is useful when you do not want to add a whole list but rather just a few things off of that list. With a user interface like this, it makes this system and easy system to use and learn whether the user is new to the system or experienced. One of the biggest functions that eMILPO has is Personnel Services. This provides functions that allow the user to update and maintain a Soldiers personal, emergency information, family, education, awards and other miscellaneous data. This includes updating Soldiers Life Insurance information and records of emergency data which contain a Soldiers next of kin and their emergency contacts for if something were to happen to a Soldier. This function also allows the user to update a Soldiers educational information for both military and civilian education. The personal data that the user can update includes the Address, Name Change, Phone Number, Martial Status, SSN Corrections and other minor personal data areas. All of these updates are viewed on a Soldiers Enlisted Record Brief or Officer Record Brief. It is important for the end User to maintain this data and make sure it is accurate because this is the Soldiers records. A
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