The Army : The Battle Of The Second Gulf War

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II Marine was closing in on the 3rd Army Division of the Southern States of America. So far, there had been no order from DoD asking the Marines to halt in place. Marine scouts had located the rear echelon of the 3rd and a day later they found the main body. The 3rd had held up ten miles from the rear echelon of the 3rd ID. The Marines that had radio communications with the 3rd ID notified them of the discovery. The 3rd ID graciously thanked the Marines, but told them they already knew. In true fashion, the Marines kindly told the 3rd ID to go screw themselves. However, with that the Senior Commanders decided to meet and come up with a plan to crush the 3rd Army Division of the SSA. At fifteen hundred that day the Commander of…show more content…
Well the General’s agreed that at least the two camps agreed on killing anything and everything, after all that was their job. They came up with a simple compromise, the 3rd ID would in fact drive through the rear echelon starting with an Artillery bombardment beginning at zero six-hundred the following morning. This would allow the 3rd ID Armor units to move in undetected. The Marines would split their force in two, then move up on the flanks of the 3rd Army Division, to where they thought the center was. The Marine flank on the right would attack and turn and head north and the other Marine’s would attack and turn south and eventually meet up with 3rd ID, then they both would mope up the rest. It was a kill, kill, kill plan, but with a bit more finesse. The Marines would move out at zero two-hundred the next morning, to be able to hit the 3rd Army Division’s flanks at the same time the 3rd ID started their Artillery bombardment. It had been a long day, after they had solidified their plans MG Romney returned to the 3rd ID, they had a lot to get ready for. It was going to be a busy morning, as far as they could tell the 3rd Army Division was still in the dark about what was getting ready to happen. Respectively, each Commander sent out word for their local commanders to report, it was time to brief everyone on the plan and it

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