The Army as a Profession of Arms Essay examples

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As the Army transitions from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, the organization is well served to take a long look in the mirror. After ten plus years of deployments, our combat tested warriors are sure to possess more than enough valuable knowledge to reinforce and improve upon our status as a profession. A TRADOC published paper explains “to be a professional is to understand, embrace, and competently practice the expertise of the profession.” I believe the profession of arms exists and there are many components that reinforce this argument. Among these components, initial entry training and institutional learning, shared values, and a monopoly on our mission are three of the most important tenants. All Soldiers must graduate…show more content…
According to TRACDOC commander General Robert Cone, it takes “years of hard work to reemphasize training and doctrine and years of individuals seeking to professionally improve themselves and the profession” to reach the desired end state of masters in the profession of arms. Second, the Army is governed by two related ethos. On the first day of initial training Soldiers are taught the importance of the seven Army values and begin to memorize the Soldier’s Creed. Like doctors and lawyers, “the military is an expert group, charged by its client to conduct work governed by a professional ethic” according to Lieutenant General Robert Caslen. A recent study commissioned by the Army found that 93% of Soldiers share their personal with the one set by the Army. Again, according to Caslen “the Army Values have sustained our institution through some of our most difficult years and will continue to be the foundation of our profession.” Last, no one else can provide national level security. A monopoly on the expert work that is to be performed is true of all professions. Caslen states that the American people “expect us to stand in the gap between the evil that is out there and our Nation’s values and our citizens themselves…”. This overwhelming charge is true to the profession of arms and can only be expected of experts in our given field. In
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