The Army 's Digitization Initiative

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Military leaders have recognized the role of information as a key contributor to victory on the battlefield. The ability of the commander to quickly receive, analyze, and pass information is a critical element to the success of military operations. In order to understand how information affects military operations it is necessary to think in terms of three distinct domains; the physical domain consisting of the natural environment in which the senses are dominant, the information domain consisting of data, information systems, and documented knowledge, and the cognitive domain which consists of situational awareness, assessment and understanding. Technological innovation introduced over time has provided the ability to transition from one domain to the next. The US Army’s digitization initiative has provided the vehicle to enter into the cognitive domain and help reduce the fog of war on the modern battlefield. One system that has been developed during this initiative is the Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2) system. The FBCB2 is an information system that is replacing paper maps and voice radio communications with digital capabilities.
The FBCB2 is a networked battle command information system that extends horizontally across all Battlefield Functional Areas (BFAs) and vertically from individual squad/platform to brigade/regimental headquarters. The primary purpose of the system is to accurately and quickly disseminate friendly and enemy unit locations, and…
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