The Army 's Intelligence Corps

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A Legacy Leader, a Leader of Influence In 2006 the Army was surging its forces to fight the wars against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. That was also the year I met Sergeant First Class Davis. He was my first NCO and I was his first female Soldier. A former Infantryman, SFC Davis had already completed two combat tours as an Intelligence Analyst when I arrived to Fort Richardson, Alaska as a Private First Class, fresh out of initial entry training. His steadfast commitment to the mission and skillful application of sound judgment continue to influence the way I do business as a 35F and soon-to-be senior NCO. SFC Davis is a legacy leader whose attributes and competencies have contributed to the Army’s Intelligence Corps, my personal…show more content…
SFC Davis ensured us privates were going to school and getting Foundry courses, but he also lead by example. He sat next to us through the Critical Thinking Course, and Effectiveness in Writing Seminar. He was not too proud to admit his shortcomings during his transition to an intelligence professional, while he maintained his roots as a leader in combat-arms units. As a senior NCO, SFC Davis’ ability to lead, develop and achieve contributed to my personal growth as an NCO by forcing me to acknowledge that I am a Soldier first and foremost. For example, I did not immediately appreciate the importance of a high PT score or weapons qualification. SFC Davis understood that these basic Soldier tasks were the bedrock of credibility when it came to dealing with infantrymen who viewed these shortcomings as another reason intelligence Soldiers belonged “in the rear with the gear.” He put a lot of hours into PMI and remedial PT, but at the end of the day he got us there. He got results. And I was proud to wear an expert marksmanship badge and PT badge on my uniforms. I saw how rare these accomplishments were among the rest of Soldiers on the US Army Alaska (USARAK) staff and HHD. This helped foster a positive climate in the G2 shop. We felt like we were the best section, and I made sure new Soldiers filling the ranks of this newly formed DISE knew the standard. Another way SFC Davis contributed to my personal
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