The Army 's Status As A Profession Essay

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There are many things that contribute to the US Army’s status as a profession. The US Army relies heavily on patriotism and positive public opinion to maintain its status as a profession. The US Army currently sustains its enlistment levels solely through volunteers from the general population. Throughout history the draft has been initiated very rarely in order to augment the ranks. Congress approves the funding and benefits that make the US Army a viable profession for those US citizens who volunteer to serve. Without adequate financial support, many soldiers could not afford to volunteer to serve. The public must trust that military and congressional leaders will utilize the Army, comprised of the sons and daughters who volunteered to serve, in moral and ethical ways and for purposes that support only the best interests of the United States. If Army soldiers and their leaders’ acts in reprehensible ways that destroy the trust and confidence the public places in this profession, the status of the Army stands at risk of declining. There are multiple instances throughout history where the status of the US Army has declined in the eyes of the public. Since Vietnam, the public has received close-up photos and first-hand accounts of the horrors of war. Vietnam represents a time when the military was viewed negatively by many people throughout the US. Soldiers returning from overseas were ostracized and subjected to degrading and often violent public protests. These

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