The Arrest And Death Of Freddie Gray

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Freddie Gray Case
The arrest and death of Freddie Gray has recently ignited protests, riots, and accusations of such police brutality. In this application I will be investigating and discussing case facts and information I have obtained from research on the internet. I will also be discussing the issues that have stimulated from such protests, riots and accusations across the state of Maryland and also across the country. I will give insight on responses from the Baltimore community and then will also give some information on precautions and measures that should and/or have to be taken when events like these occur.
An Overview of the Case
CJ&PP: On April 12, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland, 25-year-old Freddie Gray was arrested on weapon charges after running from police. During his arrest Gray somehow suffered a severe spinal cord injury during the time of arrest and transport. The injury led to his death a week later. According to Erik Ortiz from the NBC News website, a detailed timeline of the event has been released. The information from the timeline released were from officers’ interviews and reports. In accordance to the timeline, at 8:39 a.m. Sunday April the 12th, “four police officers on bicycles at the corner of North Avenue and Mount Street in west Baltimore made "eye contact" with Gray and another man, and they begin pursuing Gray after he "fled unprovoked,"” (Ortiz, 2015). Around 8:40ish Gray was caught and gave up without force. A police van was then called, and

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