The Arsenal at Springfield' by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: An Analysis

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The setting is in the mid 1770s before the uprising began. Wadsworth writes in a manner of foreseeing the war that is approaching and describes how the arsenal that hosts so many weapons will be used in the war. This was an actual arsenal that did exist in the history of America and is currently housed in the Springfield Armory museum and is widely referred to as Organ of Muskets (Gale Cengage, 2012). This poem then draws from the realities of the American history of war to put forth the arguments about war and its consequences. Longfellow in this poem depicts his rare support and campaign for peace. He depicts the magnitude in numbers of the guns that are in the arsenal, piling "from floor to ceiling/like huge organ"¦" he likens them with the organ, which is a strong irony since organs are meant for peaceful places yet these guns were meant for directly the opposite purpose. These guns were meant to perpetuate something "wild and dreary" which could only be war. During this war there will cries of mercy will not be heard but it "Will mingle with their awful symphonies" of the shooting of the guns or the organs of death will create. In the third stanza, the standpoint of the poet can be clearly seen as he refers to the please for peace…
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