The Art And Science Of Nursing

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The Art and Science of Nursing Nursing is a profession that has evolved greatly over time and encompasses many different roles. Initially, nurses were thought of as caregivers who followed the orders of physicians and had little autonomy. As the profession has grown, nurses now hold higher roles and increased responsibilities with regards to patient care. There are two sides to nursing, one includes the caring, compassionate, humanistic aspects and the other involves the skills-based, objective approach. The Art of Science and Nursing Defined The art of nursing as described by Toliuszis and Clementi, entails the emotional presence of the nurse and the provision of holistic care. The human connection between the nurse and the patient and the compassion a nurse shows to the patient while providing care are both considered as part of the art of nursing. This also includes the ability to provide care in a manner, which shows empathy, concern, and openness (2014). Palos goes on to describe the expectations that patients and their families have of their nurses, including that the nurse is caring, compassionate, and communicative. These qualities are viewed as essential in the provision of patient-centered care (2014). The science of nursing involves the knowledge, skills, performance, attitudes, the continued education, critical thinking, and implementation of evidenced-based practice. Nurses must stay current with scientific advances and engage in lifelong learning
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