The Art Exhibition Of The Piano For More Than 10 Years

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As a person who has been learning to play the piano for more than 10 years, I not only love music, but also am interested in other various forms of arts. Painting, which is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a surface, is one kind of arts I love. Therefore, instead of having dinner with friends, I went to the Emporium Center and visited “The Fall Juried Show: 41st Fall Art Exhibition” at 6 pm on last Friday.
It was a rainy day. Walking along the sidewalk in downtown Knoxville with the rain made me a little melancholy, but I did not feel bad because I thought that melancholy is a good feeling for enjoying arts. When you are melancholy, your senses will be more sensitive, which makes you notice more details of various kinds of arts. When I stood in front of the Emporium Center, the building “The Fall Juried Show: 41st Fall Art Exhibition” was displayed at, I could see that the exterior wall of this building was consisted of tawny bricks. Some bricks were dark tawny, and some bricks were light tawny. A mottled exterior, brick wall made it seem like this building was steeped in history, and so it did. The Emporium Center was originally built in 1898, and was re-opened following renovations during the summer of 2004. This building, which located at 100 South Gay Street, has the 28,000 square feet of flexible use space. It houses multiple art galleries, which showcase local and regional artists, the administrative offices of the Arts & Culture

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