The Art Gallery Of Museum Gallery

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When talking about the art gallery, the first scene occurred to my mind was the art gallery of museum. I went to some museums before to appreciate the artworks of different eras and cultures. Because I had lived in China for around twenty years, the most works I enjoyed were created by Chinese and they were filled with Chinese elements. And the majority of these artworks exist a long time and have diverse historical stories. Certainly, I had looked some contemporary arts, they delivered varieties of thoughts of the artists, reflecting their concerning about the current society, the life and death, even their unique opinion of the sex. So when we asked to do the gallery review, what I considered the gallery on this campus was that it would be more similar to a museum gallery which was constituted by lots of antique artwork. There would be many stories in the works, involving historical elements such as war and peace, also religious bible stories. Even I wondered that there would be prehistorical styles-the Bronze works or ceramic works-presented in the gallery. Filled with curiosity, I attended the gallery show. What surprised me was all of the artworks were created by the professors in the school rather than professional artists outside the school. And most of them produced in recent art styles, such as photography, sketching, collage and woven dresses and etc. As what I wondered, this gallery showed some bronze and ceramic works, even they seemed like a little rough in
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