The Art Industry's Use of Human Resource Concepts in Caring for Their Employees

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For this reason, an organisation is unable to function or operate without their human resource, which shows how crucial and significant human resource management (HRM) is in every organisation. The functions of HRM include several functions such as recruitment and selection of the employees, industrial relations, change management and discipline and grievances.

In this paper, we will discuss about how the arts industry makes use of human resource concepts or functions in achieving their task towards caring for their employees. Moreover, relevant case studies will be analysed and examined in relation to the discussion, which will also act as evidences or examples of good human resource practices. Lastly, given that the arts industry is a very broad topic, this paper will emphasised more towards the human resource functions in the museums sector. The paper will focus on several human resource functions for instance, recruitment and selection, industrial relations, change management and discipline and grievances.

An organisation may possess the assets of the latest technology or physical resources. However, if these assets are not used or performed to its optimum due to the employee’s ineptness, it will hinder the organisation’s path in achieving their goals and results. Hence, recruitment and selection of the right employees is crucial…
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