The Art Museum : New York

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As I have come to find myself in this strange city called New York, I can not help but be amazed at such miraculous feats that men have accomplished. Such talent at the hands of their architects, that can only be seen if only in a dream. For we did not conceive of this new idea. I have been blessed with such an opportunity, to view the art of the “modern man.” I am taken to a location called the SoHo Contemporary Art Museum, where I am placed before a picture of a man by the name of Charlie Chaplin. As I study the painting, the colors catch my eye in ways that I am not accustomed to. They are vibrant and catch the viewer 's eye in such a way that makes your eyes gaze outwards, but then lures them back to the image of the man standing in the center. The leaflet that was given includes the information that this work of art was constructed by a man of the name of Burton Morris and that this man is seen as somewhat of a great figure in the eyes of these people. I am not used to seeing multitudes of paintings or sculptors of images that are not of the depicting nature of the Holy Family, or of our Lord Christ. I dare say these people seem to be of the character of non-belief. A setting which I am not quite acquainted with. This man in the painting expresses a natural form of well-being. The slanting nature of his back shows a man not so different from each and every man. His facial expressions give the idea of not perfect joy, nor contempt,but almost a look of bashfulness with
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