The Art Museum Over The First Weekend

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For my first event paper, I decided to go to the Dallas Art Museum over the first weekend in February to see a painting. I decided to go visit the European Art portion of the museum as I have always been interested in it. This painting emphasized the true meaning of a mother’s grace in response to the children’s needs and attributes. Overall, the painting “Nature or Abundance” by Léon Fédéric uses vibrant, yet contradicting, colors and tender strokes to create an emotion of care and nurture, emphasizes the strength and hold onto the children by using hair as branches and wheat sheaves for leaves and flowers, and displays a sense of age, time, and effort given to these children using symbolism. When I went to the museum the first time,…show more content…
Finally, the frame the painting was put into was a huge influence on what I saw in the painting. It allowed me to see the full effect of this oil masterpiece. Furthermore, the patterns towards the inside of the frame is a bead-looking border; however, the outside of the frame had a different pattern to it. It is two beads along with an accented appliance hanging onto the beads. Because the frame on the inside is simple, the eyes focus on the painting and not the border. Overall, the gold-tinted frame gave a closing signature onto the oil painting. There is also plenty of interpretative criticism. The artist was trying to communicate the role of the woman and the babies using symbolism. The babies are used to represent the four seasons: winter, summer, spring, and fall and the woman represents mother nature. For example, the winter baby seems to be on the right side of the painting as the days are shorter and the nights are longer based on the colors and mood. Moreover, the flowers are in a dull tone meaning that they are dying. There are also very little fruits in relation to that baby as not many fruits grow in the winter due to harsh weather and cool climates. Meanwhile, on the left side is summer as there a lot of flowers and the painting seems to lighten up the mood as it is brighter and blossoming. Thus, the baby representing
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