The Art Museum 's Gallery 7

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On Saturday, October 22nd I made the hour and a half trip to the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. Upon arriving I could see the tall ivory pillars surrounding the entrances of the museum, a reminder of the Neoclassical age in art history evident in 18th century Europe. Figures Amongst Ruins (Ruins with Sybil) is a 25.5 inch by 19.5 inch painting (“Figures Amongst”) that hangs in the far corner of the art museum 's Gallery 7. It’s calming colors and stunning depiction of decayed ruins captures my attention. The history for Ruins with Sybil increases the value of its power of captivation. Giovanni Paolo Panini, the painter of Ruins with Sybil, was born in Italy in 1691(“Panini, Giovanni Paolo”). He originally worked as a fresco painter and architect, but later became known for oil canvas paintings like Ruins with Sybil where he would paint capriccio and veduta paintings of ancient roman ruins to sell to tourists on the Grand Tour (“Panini, Giovanni Paolo”). Ruins with Sybil, which was made in 1731, is an example of one of his capriccio paintings. Elements seen capriccio paintings are partially based on actual places but incorporate imaginative elements (Stokstad and Cothren, 915). These pieces were an important part of history because they acted as visualization of the values at Panini’s time. The Grand Tour was a way of expanding cultural knowledge. For Panini to produce pieces of art based on ancient Roman and Greek ruins for these tours is a prime example of the
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