The Art Of A Radio Station

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I’ve walked into enough stuffy, fancy art galleries to last a lifetime. Finally, today I was lucky enough to wander into Stellar Gallery in San Marco. The building looks aged out front, with fading print on the overhangs, and various pieces of art displayed in the windows below. The door is simple and opens with a soft chime of bells, giving it a small business, intimate-type feeling when hearing the sound.
Once you’re inside, a radio station playing today’s hits, rather than elevator music. Sounds emit softly over the speakers in the main entrance gallery, just loud enough though to be heard throughout the adjoining rooms. The interior is clean enough, no dust or dirt to effect the art pieces scattered around the space. Standing in the main entry, the doorways are decorated in a grand sense with crown molding and Roman style archways over the doorframes. The walls are a soft, pastel green that pair well with the white trim and dark flooring. The color is perfect and doesn’t steal the show from the artwork hanging.
The art is displayed in many different ways, in multiple positions and on different surfaces depending on the piece. Paintings and framed work are hung all over the walls, leaned on walls, and some in stacks; occasionally organized by artist, and then some sporadically placed. The sculptures are placed on pedestals and tables scattered throughout the venue, most done by the same local artist, Leeland Brewsaugh.
Brewsaugh’s sculptures were all of birds native to

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