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In the textbook: “The Art Of Being Human” Chapter 3 is about the role of myth in the humanities. Before art was made there was something called mythology. In every religion, there is a hero and that hero was prophesied to save the world or save the people that believed in that religion or “followed the rules” by granting them eternal life or afterlife in a promised land. The humanities could be found in mythology. This essay will talk about how mythology, in the role of humanities, should be considered nonfiction or real.

The birth of the hero may come in an extraordinary circumstance such as the womb of a virgin or a mortal woman impregnated by a god. That hero is always a man. In Greek culture, that hero is Hercules, son of Zeus and a mortal woman. In Christian Culture the hero is Jesus, son of God and the Virgin Mary. His birth was announced by an angel and took place in an inn. Both births are similar because they were both born with fathers that are gods and mothers that are mortals. Muhammad from Islamic religion was also born from a virgin mother and announced by an angel. His mother Aminah and was visited by Mary, Eve, and Asiya during the birth and Muhammed became a prophet just like Jesus.
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They all have a similarity; the hero starts showing signs of superhuman powers. Right after Hercules was born Zeus’s wife sent two snakes to kill him but failed cause Hercules was unusually strong and strangled the snakes before they could bite him. Theseus proved at age 16 that he was strong enough to push a giant boulder off of something his father buried in the earth long ago. He along with Zeus were both physically strong since birth. Jesus at a young age turned water into wine at the marriage of Cana and that was when his followers started seeing him as a holy

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