The Art Of Communication Skills

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The Art Of Communication Good communication skills are a vital component in the corporate world. Brian Williams | Writer Individuals in the present society have discovered advanced and technological ways of communication. Technology has made it tremendously easier for people to communicate. The world has grown into the center for technology with new technology being created on a daily basis. Communication Communication is a is a two-way process in which participants exchange information. The last result of communication is bringing out a response and changing behavior. The most important factor is for the sender to express their ideas clearly in order for the receiver to obtain an understanding. Communication is used everyday whether we realize it or not. In order to be successful, a person must contain the skill of communication. Messages can be sent to others by using two ways of communicating, verbally and non verbally. The majority of the verbal communication is from one person to another. One-on-one verbal communication is the greatest method for communicating precisely. Immediate feedback from the receiver can determine whether the message has been understood. Communicating involves more than just accuracy. Communicating can influence the attitudes and the behaviors of the individuals we address. The importance of non verbal communication is used in the majority of the human communication process. The fact that it
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