The Art Of Exemplary Leadership

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The Art of Exemplary Leadership

I am founder of an early stage startup. I am building an application that organizations will use to enable on the job learning and open innovation. I was able to take bold step of opening startup because I have confidence on my abilities and my leadership. I was fortunate that I was trained on the practices of exemplary leadership. These practices are very effective.

I had a primary question earlier - can leadership be learnt or not? Two years ago my answer was no. I used to believe that leadership is part of your personality. But Now my opinion is different. My opinion changed due to formal education and application of exemplary leadership in last two years.

I used to get very impressed by successful leaders and their personalities hence I had fair assumption that leadership is embedded into their personalities.

Now I challenge my earlier assumption and I would like to present five practices of exemplary leadership and examples on how I applied these practices in last two years. I would demonstrate effectiveness of each practice.

One can excel in Exemplary leadership by following five simple practices such as Model the way, Inspire a shared vision, Challenge the process, Enable Others to act and Encourage the heart.

First practice of exemplary leadership is Model the Way. You should define the guiding principles and be clear about these principles.

My partners and I had decided our success criteria, our principles and our vision

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