The Art Of Feng Shui

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The Art of Feng Shui Topic: Feng Shui General Speech Purpose: To inform my audience about the art of feng shui. Specific Purpose: To have my audience be able to use this information and the decorating tips I provide to rearrange their living spaces so that they can live in a harmonious environment filled with positive energy. Thesis Statement: Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of placement that strives to create a harmonious environment with a positive flow of energy within the home by strategically placing inanimate objects in a way that ultimately supports one’s physical and mental health, as well as welcome happiness into the home. INTRODUCTION I. Hi everyone! How’s everyone doing today? II. So I first wanted to share with you a funny story about my current roommate. She’s a transfer student studying philosophy and when my apartment-mates were deciding what food items to buy together, she told us to not worry about getting any food for her because she is actually a vegan and has been since she was a teenager. I was really interested about her diet and later found out that she actually hates vegetables and basically lives off of a processed food diet. Weird, I know! III. While living with her these past few weeks, I also observed her living space and noticed that she only had a couple of clothing pieces in her room while I can barely move through my closet. (LAUGH). And furthermore, her living space is so simple. She has 20 identical black #2 pencils, 5 identical
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