The Art Of Islamic Art

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Islamic art is based upon the themes of unity, logic and order. It is grounded on philosophies of geometry, symbolism and a reflection of the doctrine between the physical and spiritual world. Bourgoin (1868) saw Islamic art as a similarity between geometrical schemes and crystal systems of certain minerals. He believed that Islamic art did not comprise of any ‘natural’ object, but rather it is an arrangement of ‘pure abstract forms’. Furthermore, Bourgoin understood the aesthetic of Islamic art involving stalactites, geometrical arabesque and other forms. However Prisse (1878) classified the Islamic themes of art into three types, floral, geometrical and calligraphic. The art of the arabesque has been thought to originate within the…show more content…
Throughout my research, the arabesque pattern usually consists throughout two forms, the first being a ‘complete manipulation of rhythmic visual transcription’ (the geometric form) and the following consists of a ‘crystalline nature.’ (the representation of vegetal motifs) The arabesque pattern is usually portrayed as a scroll like feature with repeating leaf ornamentation and floral elements attached to a vine. This is most commonly detected as a filler or framing device within Islamic manuscript, mosque mosaic floor, window, and ceiling decorations. If you refer to example B, it depicts the use of the arabesque pattern as a method of ornamentation for the outside dome of a mosque. For the Sheikh Lotfallah Mosque, Isfahan in the 17th century, they adapted a classically used Islamic floral and vine arabesque using blue and yellow/brown tiling. This produced the effect of a gold dome when in the harsh sunlight of that landscape. This demonstrates that the arabesque is featured within a variety of trades including woodcarving, gold/silver, glass and tile mosaic, textile and carpet weaving, ceramics and manuscripts. The arabesque can be viewed as simple and repetitive or more complex and intricate depending on the aesthetic of the other

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