The Art Of Jackson Pollock's White Light Painting

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Jackson Pollock drew White Light painting in 1945. He used the oil, enamel, and aluminum paint on canvas. This painting refers to the light spectrum which includes the rainbow colors. Therefore, the colors in this painting are primary hue such as red, yellow, blue, and green. Beside of that, the painting also has black and white colors. However, the main color of this painting is a white color. That is why, in this painting, the white color goes and cross through other colors on the canvas, the way Jackson Pollock drew is expressing the moving of white light. This blend of colors helps everyone to see the dazzling white light. On the other word, it means that there will be a white light to brighten up our darker days. That is why I can see the value of this painting is really closed because it looks beauty and peace.
Jackson Pollock did not use the brush to draw the lines or created any shape for his painting and used the dripping technique to draw his painting. That is why, if we look at this painting for the first time, we can’t imagine what the painting means because it does not have any shapes or lines. It also has lines and shapes overlapping and do not follow a directed way. Although the painting does not have exactly shape and line, it still the most dominant element because it performs the way of the white lights goes.
In the White Light painting of Jackson Pollock, I think the repetition and balance of the principle of design are strengthen for work visually.
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