The Art Of Leadership And Leadership

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Leadership Paper The art of leadership is multifaceted, with areas for continued opportunity and improvement. A strong and effective leader possess a well-rounded set of skills and characteristics that allow for the group being led to be powerful followers. This is essential in order to have both leader and followers focused on a purpose and vision. Regardless of the type of organization, leadership is a necessity in a professional practice. Depending on the type of leadership, the organization can flourish or flounder. If a strong and effective leader is in charge with a clear vision in place, the organization is more likely to excel. On the contrary, with ineffective leadership in place, it creates a sense of chaos, offering minimal…show more content…
The patient goes through intensive physical, occupational and speech therapy (if indicated), with goals of restoring independence in activities of daily living to the highest level possible given the barriers from the disease. Patients attend 3 hours of therapy a day, 5-7 days a week. In addition to the therapy team, this unit also staffs nurses [both Registered Nurse (RN) and Licensed Professional Nurse (LPN)], nursing assistants (NA’s), health unit coordinators (HUC), care coordinators, social workers, therapeutic recreational therapists, along with physiatrists. It is an integrated disciplinary team, requiring a great deal of teamwork and communication in order for the patient to receive the best care possible from admission through discharge. The nurse leader in charge of Facility A has been in this position for close to 16 years. Her official title is Clinical Nurse Manager of Facility A. L.H.’s educational background includes a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing, as well as a Master Degree in Arts. Her role is to oversee the Assistant Clinical Nurse Managers (ACNM’s), the staff nurses, and the assistive personnel, which includes LPN’s, NA’s, and HUC’s. She works closely with the Patient Care Nurse Supervisor as well. Her role also
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