The Art Of Medicine : Healing And The Limits Of Technology Essay

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I spent 3 weeks at Toronto Western Hospital in General Internal Medicine with the author of "The Art of Medicine: healing and the limits of technology", and one of my personal role models since high school, Dr Herbert Ho Ping Kong. It was absolutely a dream come true to finally work with a Jamaican-Canadian doctor, and to have it be Dr HPK, an incredible blessing. It was daunting to witness the gap between myself, a first-year medical student, and a masterful doctor nearing retirement with more than half a century of healing experience on me. If I had to choose any doctor’s demeanour to emulate it would surely be him, and I’m very grateful that he took me on, especially since he primarily works with residents and fellows. It wasn’t all smooth sailings though. Our first interaction went something like this: “Where is Johnathan, is he here yet?” I get up from my chair outside his office, “Yes sir, it’s very good to meet you.” We shake hands. "I hear you’re from Ottawa. Parlez-vous français?” “Um, yes sir, but no, I don’t speak French…” Mind you, that I never learned French having been raised in Jamaica and didn’t really see the use for it in Toronto. “What? Are you sure you’re from Ottawa?” Shut down right off the bat. Why was this Jamaican trying to spark up conversation about French with another Jamaican? Why couldn’t I finally show off my accent? Mi did tink seh two yaadie dem would a buss a likkle patois, innuh? Turns out he spent 10 years in Montreal before moving to
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