The Art Of Peer Pressure Theme Analysis

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Peer Pressure and Morals
Peer pressure. Bad decisions. Close calls. Consequences. In the reflective song “The Art of Peer Pressure”, Kendrick Lamar details a day where he was under peer pressure, made bad decisions, had close calls, and narrowly escaped the consequence of his actions. Lamar was with some friends smoking blunts that ended up to be laced with PCP. The combination of the PCP and peer pressure from his friends caused Lamar to agree to go along with his friends plan to rob a house. Throughout the song “The Art of Peer Pressure”, Kendrick Lamar creates a moralistically conflicted voice with a combination of diction choices, imagery and syntax choices. The story of how Lamar was with some friends and being with those friends influenced him to rob a house with them something he would not normally do was emphasised by various diction choices Lamar made. He knew that robbing a house would not turn out well for him and used the more conversational word “karma” instead of the word consequences to refer to how he thinks his actions would have repercussions, the use of the word “karma” is often used when speaking about morals and has a contrast in elevation with the word being more conversational than the most of his more colloquial word choices, because this diction choice is different elevation than his other word choices it helps create his moralistically conflicted voice as well as the fact that he is talking about the consequences of his actions, but since he
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