The Art Of Racing In The Rain Essay

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The Art of Racing in the Rain
In The Art of Racing in the Rain, Denny, Eve, and Enzo were characterized by the major roles in filling this great novel with action, emotion, and drama. Many people can learn many things from this book, whether it be good or bad. It was filled with life, death and new beginnings that played a crucial role in the story. Denny showed his determination and love for his family throughout the story. Eve showed the transition from life to death in the most beautiful way. Finally Enzo showed how precious life is and how much you can learn on the way.
Denny and Enzo started out as partners when it was just them two. Then slowly Eve started to grow sick. Eventually Eve passed away and then it all came crashing down onto Denny. Denny said, “Rape of a child in the third degree”(Stein1930). Annika came forward shortly after Eve had passed and told everyone that Denny had raped her. That took Denny by surprised and put him in a downward tailspin towards the ground. He did not give up on the custody battle that the Twins were putting on him because he knew the truth. Denny said, “My daughter and I-and my dog, Enzo-would very much like to join you for dinner in Maranello, then”(Stein306). Denny eventually got over his depression and started fighting for his daughter
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He had a very good memory and could understand many things humans could not. Enzo said, “For three days I took care to ration the toilet water”(Stein52). People just thought he was a dumb dog and didn’t know much, but he was so much more than that. He was still young and had a lot to learn. He had to learn about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Enzo said, “I will be a good citizen, a good partner in the endeavor of life that we all share”(Stein312). Enzo said this shortly before he passed away. He learned a lot in his life and new that if he could do it again as a human then he would love everyone and be a good person in
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